• Export to PDF - exporting the page you are viewing to a PDF file.
  • Add to book - exporting selected pages to a (PDF)book.

BookManager can show and manage your list of selected pages:

  • Reset current selection
  • Exclude/include a page from selection (up to about 80 pages1))
  • View the excluded pages and “include” them back
  • Drag and drop to change exporting order of page and remove/add page to the selection.
  • Set a title for the PDF document
  • Create the PDF book on selected pages
  • Create a printable version of selected pages
  • Extract only text of selected pages
  • Save and restore selections on a specific namespace (use ACL's rights)

The BookManager(as below) appears after you add at least one page for your book.

Use the Add to book button to point to the first page you would like to add to your PDF book. The image on the left-hand side is the button as added automatically to our docu-pc website.

After selecting the first page, a toolbar appears on every page that let you add or remove additional pages. This toolbar refers also to the BookManager tool.

The BookManager tool that you created above let you reorder and exclude pages to your selection. Everybody who has access to the BookManager tool can export selections to PDF, or show a print version. When you have enough (at least the “change”) ACL permissions in the namespace where the selections are saved, you can also save and select these selections.

Below the BookManager there is a list displayed with saved selections, called Selection Lists saved.

  • Available action: Load a saved selection into the BookManager again
  • Optionally you can specify the number of selections to display and the order:
    • date – Sort by saving date of selection
    • title – Sort by Title of the selection
    • a number limits the number of displayed selections

Default is 10 items ordered by date (last updated are sorted first).
The user can only see selections when he has at least read access for the namespace.


Size is limited by maximum size of cookies. Number is lower when using long pageids.
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