Report documentation is constantly updating.
  • Below example using P&L 12 Months report.
    Click on the icon on the right corner. There are 4 options:
    • Edit - edit on the current report.
      Report name (P&L 12 Months) is displayed on the left top; on the same level but right side, where it displays which model (Financials) the data is from in this report.
    • Rename - rename the current report.
      Give it a new name then click on “Rename” button.
    • Duplicate - copy the current report.
    • Delete - delete the current report.

  1. Go to “My Page” → “Reports” session → “New” button
    • fill in your “Report name”;
    • pick account in the “Base rows on”;
    • select your “Base scenario” (yearly or monthly);
    • select your “Scenario compare”;
    • tick your selections for “Comparison Variances” & “Time Columns” → “Save & View”
  2. You can Modify more on the report later.

  1. Go to “My Page” → Report session;
  2. (single) Click on the report which you would like to delete to open it;
  3. On the upper right, click on the button with 3 dots (…);
  4. Click on Delete.

In report, you can select specific data and compare them with other scenario's value by chart.

  1. My Page → Reports → open the report.
  2. Click on the Chart icon on the top left → select values (base levels) that you want to compare from the report → tick Show details box.
  3. Here is the result. You could also untick Show all month.
  4. Click on the icon next to Show all month to add the scenario that you want to compare with (also chart type)

Some examples:

  1. My Page → Reports → open the report.
  2. click on the 3 dots icon on the left, you will see Share & Subscribe
  3. Share - you can share the report as an email with someone
  4. Subscribe
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