EFP - SaaS versions

Please note that this documentation refers to SaaS versions of EFP. For on-premise versions please refer to EFP - On-Premise versions

It is a unified FP&A solution that enables medium to large businesses to operate like the world’s top performers by measuring and managing financial and operational performance accurately, simply, and quickly.

pcPortal in the cloud offers self-service budgeting, planning, forecasting, reporting and consolidation on an integrated development and deployment platform.

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  • Enforce your chart of accounts (COA) and enable accurate forecasts
  • Perform what-if analysis to immediately see the impact of business decisions
  • Automate P&L, balance sheet, and cash flow reporting
  • Boost security by restricting access to sensitive information
  • Create and track driver-based plans while considering periodic trends
  • Compare actuals versus budgets and analyze variances
  • Drill through underlying transaction details, trend analysis, filters, and multidimensional hierarchies
  • Reduce time spent on budgeting and forecasting and lead time business to board by 50–90%
  • Improve team collaboration and communication
  • Gain full transparency and accountability of the entire process
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