Workflow & Access - How to set up

  • Organization Position- is a position that can be vacant or currently held by a User. Each organization position reports to another one except for the top position, forming an organization tree.
  • Organization/ Workflow Tree- Each installation can have one or many such trees. Each Organization position only belongs in one tree.
  • Assignment = inputsheet

  1. Go to Organization & workflow
  2. Choose workflows tab
  3. Dubble click on the current workflow, and click duplicate.
  4. a copy of the current workflow will be created
  5. make the changes needed to it

  1. Go to Organization & Workflow
  2. click on organization tree tab
  3. click on the highest level in the tree, the top-node of your tree
  4. there you will see all the details needed for that position
  5. start building ( setting up) your tree by clicking on add organization position, a new position will be created
  6. for adding assignments, click on add assignments

Under Organization & Workflow - Organization tree, you are able to manage in which levels a specific assignment is to be shown. This by clicking on the specific assignment you want to manage and then go to Levels & Data Access.

For each assignment to show the correct data it has to be connected to data. This can be done in several ways. Best practice is to set the values as general as possible and only set deviations as necessary on details.

  1. Set all values that can be set in the Workflow Data Connections.
  2. Set values related to the Organization Position in the the Organization Position Data Connections.
  3. Set any remaining or deviating items in the Assignment itself.

In some more detail - The dimensions can be setup in the following different ways:

  1. In Workflow/DataConnection/locked ( Locked means that they cant be changed elsewhere)
  2. Assignment / DataConnection
  3. Organisation Position / DataConnection
  4. Assignment/ Organisation Position/ Priority by default
  5. Workflow/ DataConnection /(unlocked)

When dimensions are set in a higher level than assignment and we want to change them for a the specific assignment then it will look as the image below. But set in Assignment will be automatically applied instead of Inherited.Inherited values will be hidden after adding Set in Assignment.

You can import your data via excel here, this makes your setup process faster and easier if you have a lot of data.

Two Important functions under this section is Closed Month and Copy Scenario.

  1. Closed Month: here you choose until which month you will have actuals. This means that you will be able to edit numbers for the months after that, but not for the period previous to Closed Month.
  2. Copy Scenario:

Here you can choose where your data will be copied from

Here you can control and manage all of your dimensions

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