Two important functions under Scenario are Closed Month and Copy Scenario.

  • Closed Month: here you choose until which month you will have Actual. This means you will be able to edit numbers for the months after that, but not for the period previous to Closed Month.
  • Copy Scenario: here you can choose where your data will be copied from.

Other functions in Scenario:

  • Process - All Processes or select specific process to show only relevant Scenarios.
  • Show Inactive - to show inactive scenarios
  • Actual Overwrite - Actual data will replace the current data stored in this Scenario when “Refresh Actual Data” button is pressed.
    • Actual data is defined as all data up to and including “Closed Month” on this Scenario)
  • Auto Actual Refresh - actual will be automatically refresh over night (similar to press “Refresh Actual Data”). Note: make sure to tick Actual Overwrite.
  • Input Allowed - allow input by users.
  • Auto Save on Close - a copy of this Scenario will automatically be saved under a new name whenever closed month is changed.
    • Data included in the copy is based on the Closed Month as set before the change, and includes the Fiscal Year of that month and previous Fiscal Year.
    • Example: with fiscal year April - March
      • A copy of Scenario “Forecast” would be saved as “Forecast 2018-07” when Closed month is switched from 2018-07 to 2019-02.
      • This copy will include data from 2017-04 with no upper time limit.
  • Drill To Scenario Controls the “Drill to Journal data” feature. Example: ACTUAL stores ACTUAL data. An ACTUAL REPORT Scenario has been created for report freeze. Journal Data only exists for ACTUAL. This parameter should then be set for ACTUAL for the ACTUAL REPORT Scenario to get drill to work as expected.
  • Drill Date Limit Controls the “Drill to Journal data” feature. With this parameter you can limit the user to be able to drill into Journal data only prior to this date.
  • Active - to inactive a scenario, un-tick here.
  • New Scenario - to add a new scenario.
  • Delete Scenario - select the scenario you want to delete, then click on Delete Scenario.
  • Copy Scenario
  • Refresh Actuals - select the scenario where you want to update the Actuals, then click on Refresh Actuals. Note: make sure to tick Actual Overwrite.
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