Workflow Setup

  1. Go to Organization & Workflow.
  2. Choose Workflow Setup tab.
  3. Double click on the current workflow, and click Duplicate button.
  4. A copy of the current workflow will be created.
  5. Edit it → Click on Apply changes to save.
    • To activate or in-activate a workflow, select the workflow first, then got o Status to tick or un-tick Active box.
    • Choose Time from & Time to to set time for current workflow.

  • Budget workflow:
  • Forecast workflow:

  • Workflow Levels - double click on any level, you will be able to edit Enable, Expected Date & Action on that level.
  • Write Access - select any Workflow State , you will be able to tick or un-tick the level boxes.
  • You can use Clear All Write Access to un-tick all boxes in Write Access.
  • Click on Apply changes to save. Example of Budget workflow:

Different workflows have different workflow states in Transitions.
Below use Budget workflow as example:

All dimensions that used to drive security needs to have write access for the selected level.
If you have Entity, GL_CostCenter & scenario that handles security, all 3 needs to be set with write access to be able to do any updates.

Inline analytics - setup other scenarios to compare with current workflow (input sheets).
In below example, BugdgetPY(previous year) and ActualPY(previous year) are created to compare with this workflow budget 2018.

  • To add a new scenario, click on the plus icon next to Series, by default it will be Actual. Then you change a title for it and select the right scenario.
  • Select the scenario → click on remove button to delete the selected scenario.
  • Use as spread key - you can use the scenario's value as your input value for this workflow budget 2018.
  • Override slicers - you can hard code for this scenario to make sure it gets the correct data.
    For example:
    • for BudgetPY could be BusinessProcess=Input;
    • for ActualPY could be BusinessProcess=Consolidated.

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