Each dimension contains 6 tabs: Hierarchies, Import, List, Parents, Settings, Properties.
There are some dimensions that have special system meaning: BusinessProcess & BusinessRule.

In different process & data class, there are different dimensions.

MultiDimensions is a new type of dimension which is a combination of different dimensions or GL_Segments.

Hierarchy is the structure/system in which members of a dimension are ranked according to relative relations.

  • Members can be moved by dragging or dropping in some hierarchies.
  • Search a member in the hierarchy by using Search… box (red box).
  • Refresh a hierarchy by clicking on the refresh button (green box).
  • Or create a new hierarchy by clicking on the hierarchy setting button (blue box).

  • Select one member to view this member's property.
    Different members have different property settings.
    Here use a leaf level and a parent level as examples.
    • MemberKey - unique in our system, each member has its own member key.
    • AccountType - usually inherited from the source database system, but can be changed here, but make sure you un-untick the box Synchronized.
    • Source - whether it's synchronized with some other data source & where the data is generated.
    • Level - whether this member is a leaf or parent level.
    • AccountCategory - to categorize this member in the dimension for later report purposes.
    • NodeType
      • Leaf member - Member holds data, can't contain other members, (shown as normal).
      • Parent - Member contains other members (Leafs or Parents), (shown as bold).
      • Category - Parent Category (shown as bold italic), only exists in Category hierarchies.
      • Parent leaf - Leaf member for a specific parent (holding data for the parent)
      • Group - Parent Group (any Parent ONLY containing leafs)
      • Calculated - Values are calculated by formula
      • Summarized - Summed aggregations
      • Max - Max value when aggregated
      • Min - Min value when aggregated
      • Average - Average value when aggregated
      • Multiplied - Multiplied value when aggregated

Can display MemberID & Level by clicking on the (green box) button.

  • UPLOAD SOURCE FILE - Select file… button
  • CONFIGURE IMPORT - Overwrite Description
  • VALIDATE AND IMPORT - Validate & Import buttons

General information

You can Import all leaf level members from an excel file into this dimension;
Or download all leaf level members of this dimension into an excel file.

You can Import all parent level members from an excel file into this dimension;
Or download all parent level members of this dimension into an excel file.

Display the current dimension's info..
You can enable security for a dimension in Settings.

Display the current dimension's properties (refer to green box).

You can create different properties for the dimension (refer to red box).

Data Type:

  • Bigint :
  • BitMap : Integer that represents a set of Boolean values indicating whether the object is picked or not.
  • Boolean : allows the values “True” or “False”.
  • Date : follows the ISO-8601 format.
    • Format : yyyy-MM-dd
    • Example : 2014-01-01
  • DateTime : follows the ISO-8601 format and is defined in UTC/GMT time.
    • Format : yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm:ss
    • Example : 2014-01-01T12:00:00
  • DimensionFilter :
  • Double : Number with decimals
    • Example: 123.4555
  • DoubleNum :
  • Generic :
  • Integer : Positive and negative whole numbers. Specific fields on resources may have additional limitations on the accepted minimum and maximum values. Both examples below are equivalent.
    • Minimum value : -2,147,483,648
    • Maximum value : 2,147,483,647
    • Example : 12345
    • Example : 12,345 (results in 12345)
  • List :
  • Member :
  • MemberID : Number constant without any decimals, has to be unique among other dimension members, auto generated (can't be set manually).
  • MemberKey : String constant, has to be unique among other dimension members.
  • MultiSelect :
  • Percent :
  • SamllDateTime :
  • String : Text as a sequence of characters.
  • Table :
  • Text :
  • TextArea :
  • Time : follows the ISO-8601 format.
    • Format : HH:mm:ss
    • Example : 12:00:00
  • TrueFalse :

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