Users, Groups & Roles

  • In Users tab you create, and maintain the users of the system. These may be licensed users (allowed to log on) or unlicensed users (allowed to have report subscriptions and other limited features).
  • The Groups tab provides an optional way of creating user groups. In most configurations this is not needed.
  • Roles is where Roles and role assignments is set up. This is normally only necessary for the limited number of users belonging to the following two default roles:
    • Administrators which is the list of users that should have Administrative access to the system.
    • FullAccess which are the users (typically finance department and upper management) that should have unlimited access to all figures in the system.
    • For all other users that should have limited access to data as per their organizational role/ position access is defined through the Organization & Workflow hierarchy and assignments.
  • Security Contacts is where you set up the contact points in your organization to be used for certain security related matters as described.

As an Admin, you will be able to switch between users and see what they see when they login. To do that go to the upper right corner and choose switch user.

If you would like any of these security settings to be enabled on your account, please contact Support.

  • Account lockout for blocking the user after predefined number of invalid attempts of authentication (5 times).
  • The passwords are randomly generated for users and not shared with administrator but directly sent to end users' corporate email..
  • Support features for setting password history (last five passwords shall not be used) and password expiry period (90 days).
  • Password recovery by email (username). And username is always corporate email.
  • Application supports idle session timeout of 15 minutes. Users have to re-login after 15 mins idle session.

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