Release Notes

If you do not see any of the new features enabled in your system yet, you may request for it to be enabled in your system any time by contacting Support.

1. Structure Reports into folders / with Tags

Business Value:

  • This new feature allows users to categorize reports, so they are easily found when needed.

Improved Capability in Detail:

  • You can now create folders under Reports on your EFP home page. This new feature allows you to organize your reports in a way that makes sense. For example, you can categorize by fiscal year and put all reports from FY 2022 all in the folder called FY 2022. You can also use other categories than year. For example, you can use Finance or Sales as categories.
  • This is a feature request from existing EFP users as it will save them time and allow them to structure reports accordingly.

Documentation Link: Report View - Tags

2. Azure AD Login / SSO (Single Sign On)

Business Value:

  • This new feature not only helps protect a user´s identity, but it also simplifies the sign-in experience. This new feature reduces the complexity of managing passwords across different environments.

Improved Capability in Detail:

  • With this new feature, you do not need a separate sign in for EFP. You will automatically be signed in when you are on your corporate device connected to your corporate network. This means you do not need to input a separate EFP username and password to access your EFP account. This will give you easy access to your EFP application without needing any additional log in.
  • Simply put, you can go to Azure AD, login and be able to access EFP.


  • This is an add-on feature.
  • Only customers that have requested and paid for this specific feature has access to SSO at this time.
  • Works for users under DSPanel tenant.

Documentation Link: Azure AD

3. New Time Selector

Business Value:

  • This new feature increases transparency in EFP scenarios.

Improved Capability in Detail:

  • You now have improved transparency within EFP scenarios where you always see exactly what you get. You can now use different time members as base. Interval, close months, fixed selection are now selection options. You can define time intervals in different ways.
  • You can now do 12 months where you have actuals up to closed month and budgets using 2 columns which can be 2 different scenarios. Just by shifting closed month in scenario, it can be moved forward.
  • This is ideal for those with actuals vs budget that moves forward as you close the month or those with simple scenarios.


  • Fiscal option available only on fiscal instances.
  • No time data view functions.
  • Doesn´t work for any other dimension at this time.
  • Doesn´t work with timeday (sales model).

Documentation Link: Extended Time Selector

4. In report, column and row are dynamically linked

  • In the example report: column is Entity / row is GL_Department. When you select Revenue member in column tab, the popup window “Select member” will automatically display the dimension from rows tab “GL_Department”, before “Select member” was displaying Account by default.
  • If you have multi dimensions in rows tab, “Select member” from column tab will display the first dimension from rows tab.

5. Implement long names wrap in Report Widget -there is horizontal scroll for long titles

  • Report section with long names can now be wrapped with the introduction of scroll bar.

6. Allow percentage decimal format

  • Percentage decimal format now supported

7. Add scenario dimension as a filter option in Journal

  • implemented product and beta environments

8. Transaction Amount column

  • implemented in production example from (GMN instance) environment.
  • For invoice in journals, display TransactionAmount (as a column).

9. Fixed issue with Paste from Excel to Line Items sheet

  • For select instances, there were paste issues from Excel but this is now fixed and working as it should.

10. Fixed Report rendering issues

  • For select instances, report render issues were reported for non-financials model and dynamic calculations. For some, report render issues were reported if any row expand attempts referred to non-existing hierarchy. All these are now fixed, and no known report render issues remain.

11. Fixed Variance total line calculation

  • Missing values on total line calculation now fixed for certain instances.

12. Drill down totals not balancing to report

  • Open a report, right click on a cell with data. You can choose “Drilldown” by different dimensions. Some dimensions you select, it did not display any data. Now it is fixed.

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