Technical Prerequisites

Most EFP customers connect using a REST connection. For other options see Server Connections below.

Getting Ready for Epicor Financial Planner

Any of the following browsers in the latest version

  • Chrome by Google
  • Safari by Apple
  • Edge by Microsoft

All the following prerequisites need to be met to install the Advanced Excel client add-in.

  • EFP supports all Epicor ERP releases in “Active” support stage as defined by Epicor.
    • Note: As of 2020-08-10, the oldest version on Active support is 10.2.300.
  • For possible support of an Epicor ERP version in Enhanced Sustaining, or Sustaining – contact DSPanel.
    • Note: No version earlier than 10.1.600 can be used with REST Connect.
  • EFP supports all Epicor P21 releases with P21 Middleware installed.
    • P21 Middleware needs to be version 2020.2.4214 or higher.
    • Microsoft ASP.NET core 3.1.9 installed on P21 middleware server.

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