My Page - Dashboard

Users see dashboard (charts), reports and assignments (that they are assigned to) under My Page.

Configure / Customize My Page

  • This Configure My Page feature is ONLY available to the people who are in the Administrators group.
  • To configure / customize My Page, click on the user on the right top. → Then click on “Configure My Page
  • It will look like below:
  • In an existing widget, there are Edit / Copy / Remove 3 functions
  • If you click on the icon, you will get 4 choices:
    • Configure - configure current dashboard's color.
    • New Page - create a new/blank dashboard, type the new dashboard name and save.
      Don't forget to enable the new dashboard to specific users in “Organization & Workflow” → Home tab.
    • Delete Page - delete current dashboard from the system/instance permanently.
    • Duplicate - copy the current dashboard (all contents) to a new dashboard.
  • Save - save the work done on editing current dashboard.
  • Cancel/Exit - cancel editing current dashboard.

  • If you select “Copy”, go to where you want it to locate and select “Paste widget
  • If you select “Remove” on a widget, the widget will be deleted.

  • Title - the widget title at the left top corner of the chart.
  • Caption - the chart title on the top middle.
  • Data Class - which model's data this widget is using.
  • Dimensions - click on Edit button to choose which dimensions to use to setup the widget. Time is mandatory.
  • Sign - Account / Stored / Reversed.
  • Legend Mode - Member Key / Member Key Description / Description.
  • X-Axis - pick which dimension to use on the X-Axis on this widget.
  • Series - which dimensions to use on the chart, also need to choose what type, color for them. In this example, it's scenario (actual & budget).
  • Override dimensions - FIXME
  • Width - how big the widget will be.
  • Widget Data - shows the data of the chart.
  • The final chart will show on the right top after clicking on “Refresh” button.
  • To save the change you make, click on OK button at the right bottom.

Locate a place, then right click. Then you get Add Widget / Remove Row / Paste widget.

  • Remove Row - remove all the widgets, reports & assignments on this row.
  • Add Widget - you can choose below to add as a widget.

Or go to the bottom of “My Page” to “Add row”.

  • Compare - chart of two bars to compare
  • Bar/Line - chart of bar and line to compare
  • Pie - pie chart
  • Reports
  • Assignments
  • Announcements
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