Standard Elimination

Setup simple consolidation in pcPortal, the business rule steps that are involved.

To setup standard consolidation, we are using Virtual Accounts which are cleared by the business rule each time they run. In the below setup we are using four virtual accounts that needs to be created first :

  • CYNI_Calc (Equity)
  • IC_Balancesheet (Equity - and create a parent level for it called ICElim)
  • FxReserver (this is to handle FX diff) ; (Asset - and create a parent level for it called CTA)
  • ICPnL (these are to handle Elimination imbalance); (Expense - and create a parent level for it called IC_PnL)

In EFP Standard consolidation we post the elimination transactions to an Elimination Entity, it is possible to have this at multiple levels in the organization tree.
It is important to set the Elimination Flag on the new Entity, which makes it possible for the elimination rule to create transactions into this entity.
Right click on the parent level and click on New → Leaf → name it Elimination. Make sure to tick Elim box in Member Properties tab.

  • FxRule should run on all your Active scenarios and also on data that is outside or above consolidated in Business Process.
  • Click on Business Rules on the left panel → the right top, click on NewFx conversion. Example:

  • CYNI Calculation, should run for active scenarios and Business Processes, and not for Elimination companies where the Elimination flag is set.

  • Click on Business Rules on the left panel → the right top, click on NewBasic Calculations.
  • Make sure Dimension filter has Entity.elim=0. Example:
  • Step tab → CYNI_Calc=IncomeStatement x 1 (YTD). Example:

  • Click on Business Rules on the left panel → the right top, click on NewBasic Calculations.
  • To pick up any currency differences we automatically post them to a Virtual account

  • The second step needs to be referencing a hierarchy level, this is to pick up any data that is already posted to this account, we suggest you put the FxReserve account in its own hierarchy.

  • FxReserver = - BalanceSheet + CTA (FxReserver parent level) Example:

Elimination, where the setup needs one GL dimension that has a reference to the Entity that has the counterpart details. The rule will only pick up transactions that are mapped with the Entity.

See to that the destination BusinessProcess for Elimination exists and is set to NoAutoElim (eliminated transactions should not be eliminated again)

Then you setup the Elimination Business Rule → Business RulesNewElimination

Dimension GL_Trading_Partner

with property for Entity identification

  • Intercompany imbalance posting (virtual account), this is to make the consolidated result to balance even for the new elimination entities if there are manual postings directly to the elimination Entity that is not balancing.

 It is only running for the elimination entities and only for accounts that is not set to IC = True.
  • Business RulesNewBasic Calculations
  • Make sure Dimension filter has Entity.elim=1 and Account.IC=1
  • The second step is that we have the ICBalanceSheet account in it’s own hierarchy level so we can pick up any posting that is already done.
  • and ICPnL Imbalance in the same rule

  • Business RulesNewGroup of business rules. Example:
  • Use Add rules button to add all above rules and drag them into the right order. Example:

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