In some cases you may want or need to create multiple business rules that together form a logical unity, and then execute them as one.
This business rule allows exactly that.
You may select and order a list of business rules.

  • Name - Enter the name you would like for this BR.
  • Description - Add a description of that this business rule to make it easy for your colleagues to understand.
  • Type - Displays the type of BR. Can not be edited.
  • Parameters - Will display all parameters that can be set. This list will be determined from the BR's included on the rules tab.

  • Add rules button is used to add rules.
  • Drag and Drop to change order of BR's in list.
  • Right click to remove a rules from the list.
  • button is used to choose which of optional columns to display in list.
  1. Click on Business RulesNewGroup of business rules
    1. Fill in Name & Description
    2. Type = Group of business rules
    3. Save
  2. In Rule name → click on the new grouping rule → go to Rules tab → Add rules → tick the rules you want to group → Save
  3. FromTime and ToTime are parameters. They should be set as month of the year, for example - 202009.
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