Business Rules - Reference

Business rules is a powerful automation feature of this service.
It can save a lot of time automating repetitive calculations in budgets, reports, forecasts and consolidation scenarios.

Business rule only support default hierarchy for now.
Changes in Dimension Hierarchies must be Deployed for Business Rules to work correctly.

The currently available Business Rules are

Business rules are set up using this functionality

  • Business rules can be created, edited and deleted here.
  • Execution order and timing can be set by using the Events feature.

  • Click on a item in this list will select the BR.
  • Use the New button to create a new BR.

  • Drag BR's from above list into the Execution Setup list to add them to an event.
  • Right-click to choose
    • Run
    • Remove
    • New Event…

New button will create a new business rule as selected.

Below Business rules section there is a Execution setup which contains a list of Events.
By default only one event exists - Run after data load.
User can :

  • create custom events (by right click on list of events);
  • add business rules to event (by drag and drop);
  • define its rules parameters and run.
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