EFP Release Notes

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Release notes for released versions of EFP

Released 2017-05-16

Major Functionality Enhancements

    • Default filter values can now be set by report and for the system (not only by user). This has been requested by multiple users to improve Report usability.
  • Scheduling of Business Rule execution.
    • Now easily controlled by Lists from within the Modeler.
  • Business Process and Business Rule dimensions enhanced
    • More detailed granularity improves data-tracking and reconciliation.

  • Cloud EFP
    • Cloud-based EFP (Epicor Multi-tenant Cloud ERP connected)
    • Note: Still pending Epicor Product decision on availability.
  • FullAccount now automatically follows Account hierarchy
    • When using FullAccount dimension it will automatically be set according the the hierarchy as defined in Account dimension.

Enhancements in Installation & Integration

  • Epicor Planner foundation upgraded to version 4 (required).

Noteworthy fixes

  • Report created or edit by non-Admin users
    • In some circumstances reports couldn't be saved into the Personal library. This now works as expected.

Known Limitations

  • Version 1.4 does not currently support direct upgrade from earlier versions of EFP. Upgrade functionality will be released in a service pack planned for second quarter of 2017.
  • Please note that:
    • Epicor Planner foundation (Callisto) version 4 can NOT be used with earlier versions of EFP.
    • EFP 1.4 requires Epicor Planner foundation (Callisto) version 4.

Release date: 2016-10-05

  • Multiple Currencies per Entity/ Book
  • New Full_Account support
    • Data markers for valid combinations stored in Account
    • Optional separate dimension holding all valid combinations of segments.
  • Profitability Analysis Add-on package (new)
    • Enables Full Virtual P&L by Customer, Product, Project etc.
    • Reports answering questions like
      • “Who are you 10 least profitable customers?”
    • Increases Accuracy and Focus of Business Planning Process.
    • Fully integrated with Financial Budgeting.
  • Advanced Financials Add-on package (improved)
    • New Advanced Financials report package
    • Short term cashflow based on AR/AP and manual input
  • Sales Add-on package (new)
    • Sales actuals data loaded from ERP
    • Enables Unified Budgeting and Reporting based on Sales statistics from ERP
    • Automated business rule based integration with Financial Budgets & Forecasts
  • ERP Systems Support
  • Enhanced Epicor Integration control and setup
    • Dimension and Member detailed control
    • Renaming option
    • Enhanced Mapping
    • Version upgrade by using pcEXCHANGE database portable format
    • Demo datasets can now be delivered in pcEXCHANGE format

Release date: 2015-08-10

  • If GLBookPer (ClosedPeriod) is empty, load all months instead of no months
  • New Entities are now automatically added to system.
  • The Create job is now automatically disabled when used
  • AccountType Translate in pcINTEGRATOR now simplified - “Checked” & “TimeBalance” columns removed.
  • + a number of smaller bug fixes.

release date: 2014-03-10

  • Current Budget now always stored in version NONE.
  • Segment setup automated for system segments.
  • Naming of segments now automatically avoids adding double GL_.
  • Cache handling of dimensional data improved (S_Dimensions table).
  • + a number of smaller bug fixes.

release date: 2013-09-11

  • First version
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