EFP - On-Premise versions

Please note that this documentation refers to on-premise versions of EFP. For SaaS versions please refer to EFP - SaaS versions

The software you are about to install (or may have already had installed) is a complete system for Financial Budgeting. It is based on the advanced Epicor Planner family foundation and is thus expandable to support a multitude of complex business scenarios.

EFP software is currently out-of-the-box working with the following Epicor ERP systems:

  • Epicor ERP (Epicor 9 and Epicor 10)
  • iScala
  • Enterprise

This guide consists of the following parts:

What is EFP?
Scope of section This section will give you a brief introduction to what EFP is, how it works and the involved concepts and words. It further provides an extensible FAQ.
EFP usage for everyone involved in the Budget process
Scope of section This section will guide you how to use EFP for budgeting within your organization. This will be augmented by your internal instructions on how to use the tool.
Required skills Requires knowledge of your organizations budget process as well as some training in this software. Training is normally provided by the budget responsible within your organization.
Time Required The time required will be completely dependent on the scope of your business assignment withing the budgeting process
Configuration & Administration of Budget Process
Scope of section This section will guide you through configuring the financial planning process of your company in the system.
Required skills Requires knowledge of your organization financial planning needs and training in this software. Normal training need is two days of classroom training.
Time Required Setting up a budget process may take as little as one day, however it may need more time than that depending on the complexity and needs of your organization.
Installation of Software and Integration
Scope of section This section will guide you through installing the product technically and enabling the integration to your ERP system.
Required skills Requires system administration skills on the level of your organizations server infrastructure setup. It will require Admin Privileges in the system.
Time Required The software is designed to be set-up within less than one day (8 man-hours).

For any question you where you don't find the answer - please refer to the FAQ - Frequently asked questions section. Even if the answer you are looking for is not in there - it will provide you with the opportunity to ask us the question you want to be answered!

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