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Q: Does Epicor Financial Planner support Office 365?

A: EFP is ONLY supported for Desktop versions of Excel, Word, PowerPoint and Outlook included in any Office 365 plan and which are locally installed on any supported Windows Operating System.

Office 365 is a subscription-based online office and software plus services suite which offers access to various services and software built around the Microsoft Office platform. Other services include Lync web conferencing, Exchange online, Sharepoint, SkyDrive and Skype. The licensing determines what component or service is included as part of a bundle. Many of these components do not relate to EFP directly.

While users frequently ask if EFP supports office 365, most EFP users are actually trying to find out if EFP supports Office web apps, a lightweight version of Office intended for use and collaboration over the web.

Microsoft Office Web Apps are a part of most Office 365 plans. Office Web Apps allow users to open Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents, among others, using a web browser. However Office 365 on the web is intended for read (full fidelity) and limited editing. Office Web Apps do not have extensibility (add-in) model and there are no plans for one. EFP is NOT supported for Office Web Apps which are part of Office 365.

Q1: How do I report Actuals versus Budget in April when my Fiscal year is October - September?

A: The Report Guide has sections both on the standard reports supplied with the system and how to create your own from scratch.

Q2: Which tables are needed from E9 when integrate with EFP?

Q1: Can I retrieve data from any system for use in EFP?

A: EFP is built on the Canvas Planner foundation. To integrate with more than one core system you need to upgrade your EFP Server to Epicor Canvas Planner PLUS or MAX. Contact your Epicor account manager or implementation partner for more information.

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