EFP Installation OverView

The most common and recommended configuration is:

  • One server for the ERP system.
  • One separate server for reporting purpose where EFP is installed.
Below is referring to EFP version 1.4. If you have old modeler, please make sure to uninstall the old modeler(from Programs & Features) and delete the old planner installation folder.
IMPORTANT NOTICE REGARDING MICROSOFT SQL SERVER 2019. Due to an issue in SQL Server 2019 you may need to apply the following workaround when installing Microsoft SQL 2019 workaround

  1. Set up security & users in modeler (enabled on the installation user by default)
  2. Configure hierarchies (base hierarchy exists but it’s a single level)
    1. Account (Mandatory)
    2. Verify BalanceSheet structure and IncomeStatement structure in the Account dimension
    3. GL segments
  3. Deploy (Save & CheckIn before you deploy to make all the changes effective.)
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