Input Schedule

The information below refers to Input Schedule latest version.
Input Schedule r1.3
Input Schedule r1.1 & r1.2
Input Schedule r1.0

Excel examples below shows standard template package. For advanced installations, you may be using another set of templates. For advanced use refer to Excel add-in reference or company-specific instructions.
  1. Click on Admin Tasks → Open Update WorkFlow Schedules
  2. Click on New Schedule from Template
  3. There are 3 templates

To expand the account.

  1. Example: select ExpandOpen → click on the Epicor Planner logo. This will open the Report Wizard.
  2. Dimension For Row → select Account
  3. Select an account → click on Save.
    In the TabName, you can give a specific name to this tab - example “Input”.
  4. Open Workbook window will pop up → Select WorkFlow directory → Tick Save to LibraryOK
  5. Give it a new name - to create input schedule
  6. Overwrite it with old version - to change input schedule

To list accounts.

  1. Select ListOpen
  2. Click on User:xxxx to enable Design menu → click on Edit Report
  3. In Report Wizard → click on Account → select List → then click on … button
  4. In Member Selector-Account window, select those accounts that you want for your reports → OK
  5. Click on Hide Design to save the report into WorkFlow folder

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